It's a SMART CARA that's Economical
and Environmentally Conscious.

Food waste disposals


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  • Collect food waste until it is
    full then process at once

    PCS 400 Pro 모아서 한번에 깔끔하게 처리  
  • Maximum reduction rate 94%

    PCS 400 Pro 최대95% 감량, 한 줌의 가루로  

    *1,000g of raddish will become 50g with SMARTCARA
    400 Pro.
    *999g of watermelon peel will become 59g
    with SMARTCARA 400 Pro.

  • SMARTCARA 400 Pro’s processing time is 30% faster than that of SMARTCARA 400.

    PCS 400 Pro 더 빨라진 처리 속도  
  • PCS 400 Pro 더 강력해진 모터파워  

    SMARTCARA 400 Pro’s motor is 28% stronger than that of SMARTCARA 400.

  • All SMARTCARA models perform 99.9%
    sterilization level.

  • PCS 400 Pro 조용하지만 강력하게  

    Quieter than any other home electronic appliances
    *Average 26.5dB

  • SMARTCARA’s filter technology will help your kitchen stay odorless.